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The Franklin Flood Risk Quiz was created to help you quickly evaluate your risk of flooding and to test your knowledge of your personal flood risks.

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Read over the four types of flood risks described below and click the check box in front of the risks that you feel present a threat to your home or business and belongings.


   Coastal Flooding - Coastal Flooding occurs in coastal communities and is caused by the storm surge from hurricanes and tropical storms.


   River & Stream Flooding - River & Stream Flooding occurs when water from slow moving storms, heavy downpours or spring thaws drains into rivers and streams causing them to overflow their banks or breach levees.


   Urban Flooding - This type of flooding can occur in big cities, small town, suburbs, developments and rural locations. It is caused by slow moving storms, heavy downpours, snow melts or any water event that overpowers the man-made drainage system. Water can flood roads and inundate homes.


   Flash Foods - Flash Floods can occur in both hilly regions or flatlands and in any season. They are caused by heavy downpours, collapse of debris and ice jams or dam and levee failure. Flash floods are the nimber one weather-related killer.


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Flood Insurance is Affordable Again:

The Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014 (HFIAA), which went into effect July 1, 2014, restores grandfathering and much of the previous affordable rate structure and more reasonable regulations. For the consumer this means that NFIP Flood Insurance is affordable and obtainable again.

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Flood Insurance Cost and Coverage

How much does flood insurance cost? - According to NFIP, a flood policy can cost as little as $112 a year.



Flood Insurance Spanish Language

Floods can strike every area of the United States. The Hispanic community in South Florida, the Sunshine State, is no exception..



Flood Zone Maps Explained

A Flood Zone is a geographical area that is rated to reflect the severity or type of flooding in that area. These areas are indicated on a Flood Insurance Rate Map or a Flood Hazard Boundary Map



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